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Hi, I'm Jack Morton, an engineer based out of New York City.

Currently I'm working as a software engineer at The Quarry, a multi-manager, multi-strat hedge fund founded in 2022. I'm currently helping design and build their proprietary risk management and accounting platform from the ground up.

Previously I worked as a backend engineer at String and Key developing new features for their online insurance platform. That work was in a Ruby on Rails monolith interfacing with multiple React clients via graphql.

To give you a little more background on myself I was born in Manhattan, but grew up in Northern New Jersey. From there joined the crew team at Yale University where I majored in mechanical engineering, mainly interested in robotics. After graduating in May of 2022 I moved to NYC to start my full-time job at String and Key where I stayed for about 10 months. From there I joined The Quarry as the 9th employee and have been there ever since.